Digital HR for the Talent Driven Enterprise

  • Site Admin
  • 2016-08-03

  • The war for talent is intensifying. Are you winning the talent wars? Traditionally, HR has been viewed as a back-office function whose primary role is to address the basic needs of the employees and the workforce. However, HR’s role as a “service delivery” organization has now become a table stake requirement. HR is being increasingly viewed as a strategic enabler of business. It is time for HR to redefine its value in the talent driven economy. Digital transformation of HR can enable the HR function to shift the focus from an internally focused service delivery organization to becoming a strategic enabler of business.

    Digital HR can transform the entire HR life cycle from recruitment & on-boarding to everyday core HR and talent management. Key benefits include:

    • Single system of record for all globalized HCM processes
    • Simplified and standardized HCM processes
    • HCM process automation & employee self-service for productivity and operations efficiency
    • Mobile first design to drive employee engagement, collaboration and information sharing.
    • Improved quality of reporting and people analytics for actionable insights

    Recruitment function can be transformed to facilitate collaboration across the entire recruitment team including hiring managers, recruiters & candidates. Clunky Application Tracking Systems can be replaced with mobile enabled applications that leverage social channels for sourcing talent & quickly developing the talent pipeline. Applicants can submit applications from their mobile devices. Entire recruitment team has real-time visibility into the recruitment life-cycle and status of the talent pipeline

    Are you delivering an awesome On-boarding experience for new hires? Reduce recruitment cycle time and eliminate paperwork by making employment offers with e-signatures Digital HR can automate standard on-boarding processes so that all the new hire forms, background checks & paperwork can be completed prior to the employee coming on board. Automatically assign new hire activities like compliance training and pre-reading materials. Set up regular check-ins with the key stake holders to ensure that the on-boarding process is smooth and the first time experience is delightful.

    Performance Management can be transformed from a backward looking annual process that relies on forced rankings to a transparent performance development process that relies on agile goal-setting, frequent check-ins to drive employee engagement, deliver performance feedback & recognition. A focus on providing a continuous learning environment for employee development & career progression.

    Digital HR can help HR leaders to position “Employee Centricity” as a competitive differentiator and help businesses win the war for talent.