Who We Are?

In late 2011 we set up shop in a home office with just a big idea to help small and emerging new business acquire, develop and retain talent and realize their full potential in the marketplace. It was a hard grind initially but we persevered and grew our business one client at a time. Our customers loved our hands-on approach to address their needs in a timely and cost effective manner. They became our advocates and helped us to grow as they scaled their business.

As we began to scale our business, we realized the need to build focused practices to help our customers navigate the challenges of increased competition, changing employee expectations, and digital transformation that was reshaping the industry.

What We Do?

Selectigence HR Solutions, a Pune-based HR Consultancy & Advisory firm, provides Leadership Consulting, Organization Development, Digital HR solutions and help the acquire top talent that helps customers increase agility, improve leadership skills, enhance employee engagement and build high performance teams to win in their marketplace.

We help transform HR function from a service delivery role to become a trusted advisor to leadership teams and a strategic enabler of business. Our managed services deliver a complete portfolio of HR services from recruitment and on-boarding to payroll, talent management and day to day HR administration for Small & Medium business through a cloud enabled technology platform.

Our key differentiators include deep domain expertise, process knowledge and a businessman’s hands-on approach to solving business problems to accelerate business outcomes.

Our Purpose
We help our clients be successful by unlocking the full potential of their employees.
Our Vision
We are committed to serving our customers as trusted advisors providing innovative and cost effective solutions across Digital HR, Leadership & Organization Development, Managed HR Services and Talent Acquisition.
Our Values
  • Build “Trust” based relationships with all
  • Credibility in setting and meeting expectations
  • Excellence in Planning & Execution
  • Respect for the Individual