LMS365 Learning Management System on the Cloud

Intuitive course catalog
  • Configurable registration and enrollment.
  • End-to-end course automation.
Trackable competencies
  • Certifications.
  • Progress and performance dashboards.
  • Robust competency management.
Engaging learning
  • Media-rich course design.
  • Personalized user experience.
Customizable reports
  • Multiple reporting templates.
  • Customizable reports and templates.
Collaborative environment
  • Learn together, globally.
  • Team-based learning.
  • Wide varity of collaboration tools.
Automated compliance training
  • Multi-format document publisher for standard operating procedures.
  • Seamless compliance training, testing, analysis, and reporting.
Case studies
Download case study-financial services industry (Covantage case study)
Download case study-Healthcare Industry (Rising Medical Solutions)

   LMS365 is a product from our partner ELEARNINGFORCE.