Selectigence is a combination of the words “selection” and “intelligence”. We are creating an ecosystem for the Talent Acquisition Community that addresses their self-development and business needs.

Selectigence provides customers holistic solutions that address their people supply chain issues. People being the key factor to the success of organizations, we are focused on creating a recruitment ecosystem that enhances an organization’s ability to attract and retain the right talent.

The Selectigence Ecosystem: By definition, ecosystems are inclusive and exist to provide a nurturing and interdependent environment to the community that inhabits its’ sphere of influence. Experience tells us that in optimizing individual capability, mechanisms need to enable the participants to learn, interact and transact business in a single structured format.

Our Customers

Our team of highly experienced subject matter experts understand our customers' requirements in detail that enables us to build custom designed solutions focused at our customers Human Capital demands.

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Hiring and Attrition

A webinar presentation given by our CEO Mr.Milind Jadhav

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